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Week 1 and week 2:  Why Blog? Some pitfalls and some examples

My Introduction to Blogging PowerPoint: Download the zipped file: Save File: Blogging Intro.zip (or download from here:  http://drop.io/MarynaBadenhorst#)

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  • What is a blog?


  • What is part of a blog?

Resources for your blogs:


Other blog info

  • It is important to get permission from parents to create student blogs and publish student work or pictures to the internet.  Permission documents:  http://marynabadenhorst.global2.vic.edu.au/blogging-what-how/
  • Royalty Free stuff for your blogs: http://marynabadenhorst.global2.vic.edu.au/royalty-free-stuff/
  • Staying safe online: Students should also be clear that personal information such as full names or addresses should never be published on the web and should be aware of their ‘digital footprint’. Some safety tips are provided on Emily P’s blog.
  • You can also view videos and explore lesson plans and online activities related to online safety in Working with the Web. It is critical that you are fully aware of your professional responsibilities in an online environment.
  • What other schools are doing: 
    • Hawkesdale P-12 school with has really taken off with blogs – check out their clustr maps to see how many visits they get. Looking at a few examples you can see the different kinds of blogs that can be used in a school environment – whole school, teacher, class and student.
    • Our own backyard is a school blog where student work and events are shared with the community
    • ejourney with technokids is the professional blog of Anne Mirtschin. It also has great examples of the online challenges she is setting for her students. Links on the right of the page take you to other teacher and student blogs
    • Skippy is one of the students at Hawkesdale P-12 schools personal blogs. It is full of ideas, writing and fun applications such as Voki. It is also a great example of a student keeping themselves safe online by not publishing too much personal information.

Other great blogs:

Web 2.0 tools for every classroom



Blogging with Globalstudent.org.au from Darrel Branson on Vimeo.

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